Children’s Ministry Resources


Children’s ministry is a big deal to me. And it ought to be a big deal to you. We don’t create children’s programs so we will have quiet in the main worship service, and we don’t do it in the hopes that kids will someday become members of the church. So why do we spend so much effort in children’s ministries?

Our kids are vital members of the body of Christ now, and like every other member of the body we should be concerned with providing opportunities for them to meet Jesus, grow in faith, and become true disciples of the Way. The best way to do that is to provide age appropriate instruction, inspiration, and opportunities for growth and service.

I have been writing the curriculum for the children’s church program at my church for the last year after realizing how difficult it is to find solid Biblical instruction for kids that goes deeper than just repeating our favorite stories. I am offering these lessons for free to this community, along with a Leader’s Guide and our Code of Conduct, in the hopes that they will in some way help you as you seek the best way to train up your own children to know and love Jesus Christ and follow him as faithful disciples.

We typically combine these lessons with worship songs and a craft to reinforce what the kids are learning.

I hope you will find these resources helpful.


Code of Conduct


Leader Guide



Lessons are sequential from oldest to most recent. The structure and length of lessons has improved over time. If I receive enough interest I will update older lessons to match more recent ones. If you just want a sample, I recommend starting with this one:  Travel Together (Next)

  1. Putting Others First (Beatitudes)
  2. God's Comfort (Beatitudes)
  3. Gentleness (Beatitudes)
  4. Forgiveness (Beatitudes)
  5. Hunger and Thirst (Beatitudes)
  6. Purity (Beatitudes)
  7. Peacemakers (Beatitudes)
  8. Faithfulness (Beatitudes)
  9. Father's Day
  10. Don't Be Afraid
  11. No Greater Love
  12. God Provides
  13. Powerful Prayer
  14. Love is a Verb (Stories)
  15. Mustard Seeds (Stories)
  16. Buried Treasure (Stories)
  17. Dinner Time (Stories)
  18. Our Story (Stories)
  19. Good Soil
  20. Living Faith (Faith Works)
  21. Wise Faith (Faith Works)
  22. Generous Faith (Faith Works)
  23. God is Great
  24. Tell Your Story
  25. Small Steps (Next)
  26. Family Walks (Next)
  27. Run the Race (Next)
  28. Travel Together (Next)
  29. Prepare the Way (Advent Week 1)